for Philips™ HDD 100/120 Audio Jukebox

How to use the Philips™ Audio Jukebox without the DMM software.

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RELEASE 0.9.8 : playlists creation, "recordings" management, ...



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HDDTool provides following features :



  • transfer audio files (MP3 and WMA) and playlist files (M3U and WPL) using a drag and drop from Windows™ Explorer to HDDTool

  • choose audio files or directories on your PC and transfer them to HDD preserving folder structure
  • you can also transfer files to HDD using only Windows Explorer while HDDTool is running
  • transfer playlists from PC to HDD even if they are not in same folder than corresponding audio files (HDDTool will try to find them on the whole HDD)

  • duplicate files (same directory and name) are not re-transfered to HDD (save time and risk-free)

  • HDDTool lists all the audio files and playlist that HDD holds


  • auto-rename file names on HDD to make them playable by Philips™ HDD Software


  • when closing HDDTool audio files and folders are renamed according "HDD rules" to be recognized by HDD firmware

  • HDDTool has ability to restore original names of audio files and folders make them "human browsable"

  • other files and folders (not audio or playlist) are not processed to preserve their names

  • hidden files and folders are not processed


  • copy or move files from HDD to PC


  • you can copy or move a selection of audio files from HDD to your PC

  • copy/move preserves the folder structure of the files according the one they had for transfer from PC to HDD


  • delete files from HDD


  • you can directly delete a selection of files from HDD


  • play audio file from HDD


  • you can directly play an audio file from HDDTool


  • Equalizer management


  • you can set the parameters of equalizer models of HDD

  • you can manage the associations between genres and equalizer models ; used in "automatic genre" setting on HDD


  • rebuild HDD file structure if altered


  • when starting HDDTool checks for the folder structure and important files on the HDD ; if necessary missing files and folders are re-created (no need to use DMM even after formatting HDD)

  • you just need to copy the Philips firmware you want (the last one is on http://www.philips.com/support)


  • auto adaptive language interface


  • HDDTool detects your Windows interface language and choose the correct messages and texts (now working for french, english is the default)



To contact me : mailto:solonweb@free.fr