for Philips™ HDD 100/120 Audio Jukebox

How to use the Philips™ Audio Jukebox without the DMM software.

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RELEASE 0.9.8 : playlists creation, "recordings" management, ...



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Main features

How to use it

Revision history

Technical details



In the "TODO" list :

- modify ID3 tags directly from HDDTool

- create playlists from selected files in HDDTool

- manage correctly files deleted using HDD built-in software



Updates and bugs fixed :



- add "recordings" to list of files

- save and restore last size and position of HDDTool windows

- save and restore last "Always visible" option

- ability to automatically create one playlist for each folder transferred to HDD

- "No tags" option to use folders and files names instead of ID3 tags (need structure like artist\album\title.mp3)

- translation of button labels in message boxes

- no more limitation of scanning "hidden" folders and files (System dir is read ; for "recordings" support)

- "read only" attribute is resetted when files are transferred to HDD

- playlists are shwon after using "Rebuild List"

- playlists are no more renamed when switching between "HDD Standard" and "Long Names" modes

- fixed bug for 12 chars length filenames (incorrect display whn playing)

- ... support for Bantam BA1000 player



- equalizer management (settings and associations genres/models)

- use of a MUSIC folder (keep a "clean" root)

- "always visible" window option

- resizable window

- fixed the freeze of window (some white areas) while closing application

- test to prevent application running if started from Windows system hard drive

- messages and dialog boxes modified



- re-designed interface : new list, menu, ...

- FASTMODE is now the standard and renamed "HDD Standard"

- ability to play a selected file directly in HDDTool

- included help (english and french)

- if no tags in file, use filename as title, directory name as album and parent directory as artist

- fix for long albums names (since release



- introducing a FASTMODE if need is just to add files

- detects french language for other countries than France (Belgium, Canada, Switzerland, Luxembourg, and Monaco )

- use ID3v1 tags if present when ID3v2 are present but incorrect

- delete no more needed playlists from HDD "playlists" menu

- ID3v2 tags reading correction for some other platforms encoded files (Linux, ...)



- detects user Windows user language (support french, english default)

- ability to rebuild HDD folders and files structure (no more need to initialize HDD using DMM)



- support now WPL playlists

- no more freeze of screen while processing files (but perhaps a little slower to run ...)



- copy / move / delete options to manage files on HDD

- support M3U playlists

- directories other than audio need no more to have "hidden" attribute to not be renamed while updating HDD : only "audio" folders are processed

- fixed error in processing of some WMA files with tracks numbers (message '' ... is not a correct value ...")



- drag and drop files from Windows Explorer to HDDTool

- list content of HDD when starting

- support now WMA files

- process files even at root of HDD

- automatic process for restore original names / update HDD database when starting / closing HDDTool

- correct processing of directories containing '.' in name



- initial release

- manual operations : restore original names / update HDD database

- files are managed using Windows Explorer

- no files at root of HDD

- support of MP3 files



To contact me : mailto:solonweb@free.fr