for Philips™ HDD 100/120 Audio Jukebox

How to use the Philips™ Audio Jukebox without the DMM software.

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RELEASE 0.9.8 : playlists creation, "recordings" management, ...



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Even if you already use an older release,
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Dear HDD 100/120 users,


I am a recent owner of a Philips™ HDD120 mp3/wma audio jukebox and i am happy of quality of the hardware.

But i have been so disappointed seeing the really poor quality of DMM software !!


So I decided to write a small software to replace it : HDDTool was born



My priorities for the HDDTool were :

- use directly Windows Explorer to transfer audio files between HDD and PC,

- manage directories structure for files as i want on the HDD.


Due to database structure (seems to be specific ... if someone has any idea ... ) and limitations of the firmware on the HDD, i found no mean to directly use long file names on the device, even modifying the database structure to increase size of pathname and filename columns


So i have chosen an other option : create a conversion process between long and short names on the device :

    to play files on the device as a portable jukebox, files and paths must be stored in database with "Philips HDD compliant" names,

    • but i want to be able to see long names on the device to use directly the device as a mass storage device.



I also added few functions to manage files directly from HDD.




To contact me : mailto:solonweb@free.fr visitors